Grant Information


Memory Care Consultants:

Diana Waugh (419) 351-7654

Barbara Brock (
419) 265-6131

Belinda Cytlak (419) 349-6928

Tammy Fitch (419) 309-1005

Sandy Soditch (937) 478-2996

"Reducing the Use of Antipsychotics in NWO Skilled Nursing Facilities”

You ARE a Part of the Change
You have been a part of this dynamic project for almost 1 (one) year and are making a difference to those residents under your care.  WAY TO GO!!

Here is the information for 2018 and 2019.



  1. One (1) day educational sessions March 14, 2018 and March 14, 2019
  2. Additional support materials
  3. Ongoing monthly consulting with your Memory Care Consultant

2018 & 2019 YOUR PART:

  1. Your participants will attend the yearly educational sessions.
    The 2018 educational session will be:
    March 14, 2018 from 9 AM - 5 PM at the Garden Inn by Hilton, 6165 Levis Commons Blvd., Perrysburg, Ohio  43551  (same location as the initial training)

    Thanks to you snacks will be provided.  Lunch will be participants expense.  Ohio Department of Medicaid tells us that food is not allowable as a grant expense. Click here to register for snacks. There is a $10 fee for snacks per participant.

  2. Your participant's will continue to carry the project forward consistently through June 30, 2019 at your facility by administering the assessments, utilize the results in care planning for the selected residents and select non-pharmacological interventions on an ongoing basis.

  3. Your participants will have the Memory Care Consultant they worked with during this educational session available to them through on-site and phone/email communications.

  4. Your participants will be promoted to periodically submit aggregate data as they work with their Memory Care Consultant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I use this project as an accepted QIP?
Our project is listed as one of the Quality Improvement Projects that can be selected by your facility.  Here are the links to the information.  If you are looking for a QIP perhaps you’d like to select our project.  Take a look!

I heard something about AARP's involvement in antipsychotic drug use.  Can you give me the link so I can read the article?

How much of the information that you collect when you come to visit is shared with ODH?
NONE.  All of that information is strictly for our use as we explain the progress of the grant.  The only data that we will share is the changes in the QM score.  We will be submitting that information as a group, no facility will be identified.  

Do you have a sample policy that you could share?
Work in progressing as we speak to create a SAMPLE.  It will be a SAMPLE and of course you will need to individualize it for your facility..  Let your Memory Care Consultant know if you would like a copy when it is finalized.

What if we are already using HAND IN HAND?

The information you will gain from the Cognitive Functional Age assessment and the conversational prompts will fit beautifully with the information you gain from that manual.  It is general information and you will be able to add the person specific information.

How are other facilities doing in the project?
Remember, this is a marathon not a sprint so each facility is working at their own pace.  Some have lots of components done, some have a few.  Barbara has been VERY busy reviewing the RCCT assessments that have been sent to her.  She is working her way through almost 100 assessments she has received to date!  Keep ‘em coming! 

How long will we have Barbara to help us with our RCCT scoring?
She’s our technical expert and will be available to you throughout the project!  Use her to check your scoring.  She’s finding that everyone is doing very well with their scoring.  After working with her on your first ones, please send her any that you find difficult to score and she’s there to help.

How are others handling the announcement to families about this project?
One way that seems to be working very well, is to include a short, concise statement in their newsletter.   They are then making a copy of that and putting it in the admission packets to inform new admissions.  This is not a research project so you simply need to inform the folks what you are doing.  

Here is a sample of that announcement:

“_____________ is excited to announce its participation in a grant focused on reducing antipsychotic medications in long term care facilities.  We will be using assessments which capture the information that will allow us to create resident specific plans of care for those effected by dementia.  This model is a resident-centered approach that instills a sense of being needed and being useful.”

What did I get myself into???
The slogan for the project is:  THIS IS A MARATHON NOT A SPRINT!

As we met each of you, we saw individuals who cared about making a difference for residents.   We believe you and know you will learn that you, personally, can enhance the lives of those entrusted to your care.

Do we have to have everything in place and working before the first consultant visit?
Only if you are super human!!  Although we gave you LOTS of information and LOTS of materials during the class, there is no earthly way you can use it all  immediately. 

There is so much material in the boxes you sent home with us!  I’m overwhelmed!
As we said, this project is a marathon NOT a sprint!  Look over the materials and with the help of your consultant you can determine what to do first, second, etc.

What should we do with the TALKING POINTS?
We wrote those to simply give you an idea of the kinds of items for discussion during our visits. These will be the same points we will be reviewing with you over the three years we will be working together.  We didn’t want to surprise you.  But we also don’t expect that you will be ready to discuss all points on the first visit.  That certainly was not our expectation.  

Why do we have consultants anyway?
So often participants attend a class, get information, go back to the reality of their facility and  very quickly the new knowledge gets put on the back burner.  We want to see you succeed and felt that providing you with a person that can help you address your challenges would make it possible for you to feel the successful results of your work.

The role of the consultant is to help you determine how best to get rolling with this three year project.  The first visit will be to help you take a look at how to make it work FOR YOU.  As you talk together, feel free to share wins as well as barriers so they can support your success.  

Ask them questions, give them your concerns, let them support you.

What do you expect from us?
Give it your best shot.  Try.  Run the marathon and get the trophy for making the residents’ days purposeful.


This project has been made possible through a grant from the Ohio Department of Medicaid, using CMP monies.  
It was awarded to Waugh Consulting, LLC and will be funded through WACON SOLUTIONS, INC.