Grant Information


Memory Care Consultants:

Diana Waugh (419) 351-7654

Barbara Brock (
419) 265-6131

Belinda Cytlak (419) 349-6928

Tammy Fitch (419) 309-1005

Sandy Soditch (937) 478-2996

"Reducing the Use of Antipsychotics in NWO Skilled Nursing Facilities”

known as

Keys To Living (KTL) Project


You ARE a Part IT!


You have been a part of this dynamic project since March of 2017 and are making a difference to those residents under your care.  WAY TO GO!!

Here is the information for remainder of 2018 and for 2019.







  • An Online Replacement class on October 17 and 18, 2018. Watch your email for more information.
  • One (1) day educational session March 14, 2019 (Mark your calendars-More info later!)
  • Additional support materials in 2019
  • Ongoing monthly consulting with your Memory Care Consultant through June, 2109


2018 & 2019 YOUR PART:


  • If your facility is eligible, we’ll notify you for participant names for the Replacement Class (Watch your emails for more information).
  • Your participants will attend the final educational session in 2019
  • Your participant's will continue to carry the project forward consistently through June 30, 2019 at your facility by administering the assessments, utilize the results in care planning for the selected residents and select non-pharmacological interventions on an ongoing basis.
  • Your participants will have the Memory Care Consultant they worked with during this educational session available to them through on-site and phone/email communications.
  • Your participants will be promoted to periodically submit aggregate data as they work with their Memory Care Consultant.


This project has been made possible through a grant from the Ohio Department of Medicaid, using CMP monies.  
It was awarded to Waugh Consulting, LLC and will be funded through WACON SOLUTIONS, INC.