Resources, We Have Resources!

Below is the information we are pleased to share with you.  The articles we have added recently have the word (NEW) behind them.  Take a look at new pictures at the beginning of the "Pictures" page.  Thanks for sharing.

People Resources

The following individuals are having great success with the project and are more than willing to share what they are doing.  Please reach out to them, they are waiting to help:

 Connie Coughlin, LPN, Household Manager
Goerlich Center, Sylvania, Oh

 Alaire Blair, Activities
Manor at Perrysburg, Perrysburg, Oh

Susan Howard, Health Information
         Fulton Manor, Wauseon, Oh

 Ann Kahrs, SS
         Fulton Manor, Wauseon, Oh

 Michele Bonham, SS
         Bowling Green Manor, Bowling Green, Oh   

We will continue to add team members as we move forward.  Let us know if you’d like to be on our list!

Article Resources

McKnights re: A Critical Look at Antipsychotics 53.82 KBDownload
McKnight's re: CMS: Antipsychotic Rates...Aim for 15% Reduction by End of 201943.63 KBDownload
McKnights re: The Secret Ingredient to One Nursing Home’s Dramatic Drop In Antipsychotic Use (NEW)54.91 KBDownload
McKnight's re: Campaign Against Antipsychotics May Have Led to Rise in Riskier Drug Use1.68 MBDownload
McKnight's re: Dangers of Nuedexta with Dementia 36.16 KBDownload
McKnights re: Dementia and the Emergency Department Can be a Toxic Combo, Analysis Says42.60 KBDownload
NWO Alzheimer’s Association: Steps to Enhancing Communication 33.46 KBDownload
TMF re: Antipsychotic Med Reference 196.00 KBDownload
McKnight's re: Long-Stay Antipsychotic Use Reductions May Require More Scrutiny, Study Suggests48.01 KBDownload
McKnights re: Dementia Side Effects May be Tripled by Common Painkillers41.96 KBDownload
McKnights re: Evaluation and Treatment of Depression May Reverse Memory and Cognitive Difficulties1.68 MBDownload
McKnight’s re: Sustainability of Antipsychotic Reductions116.86 KBDownload
Aging Gracefully: Food Choices1.68 MBDownload
Aging Gracefully: Lighting and Dementia640.64 KBDownload
AARP: Jump Starting the Brain’s Memory303.10 KBDownload
AADNS re: Psychotropic vs. Antipsychotic PRN orders: Evaluation, Documentation Requirements374.11 KBDownload
AARP re: Dementia Drugs Often Prescribed Long Term Without Any Supporting Clinical Evidence (NEW)40.53 KBDownload
Aging Gracefully: Preparing for the Holidays1.55 MBDownload
Managed Health Care Connect re: New CMS Rules on Psychotropic Medications in SNFs1.68 MBDownload
Managed Health Care Connect re: Pre-Surgery Cognitive Screen Can Flag Older Adult Complications Risk1.68 MBDownload
Human Rights Watch Report: They Want Docile1.68 MBDownload
Aging Gracefully: Preparing Life Story Books751.68 KBDownload
FDA-re: FDA Alert on Antipsychotics 164.22 KBDownload

WACON Forms Resources

Of course when talking about forms, you will need to make them your own.  These are simply samples to get you going.


A picture is worth a 1000 words and here are some pictures that might give you some ideas.  Thanks to each facility for sharing!

Below you will find pictures of staff and family awareness and education bulletin boards. There are also pictures of our "Gift of Purpose Chatter Bags" and "Chatter Boxes". Click on the thumbnail to view the larger image.

Facility Document Examples

We are really collectors of great ideas.  Here are some facility created documents that you might be able to use.

I know there are several facilities that are creating dietary reminders to help with setting up meals for residents with left-sided neglect and PSP.  We’ll share those as they are completed.

Many hands make light work!  Be a part of it!
Send us your pictures and documents and we’ll share.