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I Was Thinking... Diana's Book

Is a workbook that helps people better communicate with their loved ones suffering from cognitive loss. It is a guide that can lead to happy, calm conversations.  The information discussed in this book may be new and different from what you have heard before.  This book truly has the potential of reconnecting you with a loved one you may have felt was lost to you because of cognitive loss.

$15.00 each

I'm Still In Here - Come Find Me!
My Todays are a Blur but My Yesterdays are My Strength
(Diana's newest DVD designed for families)
This DVD, of Diana presenting to families, is based on the valuable information contained in her book.  Presented in a warm, friendly, caring manner with just the right amount of humor, this DVD provides the reasons behind the need to plan conversation starters that lead to a calm, contented experience for both you and your loved one.  Here’s your opportunity to have Diana’s help at your fingertips in the comfort of your own home!

$40.00 each

Family Bonus Buy
Purchase Both the Book and the Family DVD and Save!
$45.00 each

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Help For Families

Have questions as you work to provide care to an aging loved one who suffers from dementia? Struggling with communicating with your loved one with memory loss?

You are not alone. Dementia is truly the elephant in the room. Even though we have all heard that the number of people who suffer from memory loss is growing rapidly, it is a totally different story when that person is a friend or a loved one.

We can all tell stories about broken relationships, the sad case of the “friendly stranger” who takes advantage of the person with dementia and/or the frustration felt when “they just don’t remember”.

Your stories can be different and your relationships can be rewarding even in the face of memory loss. Diana can provide you with information about memory loss coupled with communication techniques that maintain dignity and self-worth for all involved. She stands ready to help.

Looking for help as you work with a loved one OR friend who is suffering from dementia? Talking with them can be challenging as you attempt to remind them of short term memory topics or issues. Diana’s tools have the potential of reconnecting you with the person you may have felt was lost to you because of their memory loss.

Realizing that dementia simply means memory loss, usually of recent events, will empower you to talk successfully with them. Diana’s approach, provided in her book and reinforced through her DVD, provides you with real-time examples of successful conversation techniques that work!

How about an in-home family meeting? What about your church group, your service organization or your community based group?

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Family-Focused Seminars - available in the Northwest Ohio area

Looking for a seminar for you, your family/friends, your church, your social organization or your community based group? Check the list of family focused seminars below and give me a call!
I'm Still In Here...Come Find Me!
Looking for Lost Loved Ones?
Longing for Home
Out-Of-Towners See it Differently
Dementia Vs. Depression
Keeping Calm & Diffusing Anxiety for All
Making You the Expert
Humor - What's There to Laugh About?
Where Does the Anger Come From?
Let's Go For An Outing!
Understanding All Those Numbers
Making the I Was Thinking Book Work For You!
Other programs can be developed at your request.

Please check for family-focused seminars on my About Us & Events Page.

Examples of Diana’s Techniques in Action

Wondering how these techniques can help? A demonstration is worth a thousand words. It is often helpful to actually see Diana’s techniques in action. Changing your conversation can change your outcome. Take a minute to watch and see if you find some help.

Click on this short video which shows an alternative to address the issue of bathing. Watch how simply changing your approach can change the outcome.

Click on this short video which addresses the challenging conversation that occurs when your loved one brings up a person who is deceased. The difference between attempting to get them to "remember" that their loved one is gone and encouraging them to talk about the memories of that person often can defuse the situation.

Family Consultation

  • Interested in a Certified Dementia Practitioner to work with you and your family?   
  • Want to discuss an assessment of your loved one’s remaining brain power?
  • Want to set up a "Family Focus Seminar" just for you, your family/friends, Church Groups, Social Organization or your Community Based Group?
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Thanks for the input!

Dee Resnick, Loving family member writes...If you’ve been frightened and struggled, as I have, with an aging parent who was always the brightest start on the horizon and had to watch him fade, then this is the book you’ve been waiting for.  I know.  I used Diana’s techniques during many long distance calls and visits that I had with my Dad as he began to slip in his 90’s.  The answers to how to reach out and make that connection are here.  

Jon W. Schwanz, D.C. writes...Understanding...practical...insightful information that can be used immediately.  Would have been helpful in my own family.  It will make a difference for many.  Carry on!”   

Ed Carlson, Retired Pastor writes...Diana provides pure, practical advice born out of her own experience and shared with love.  I WAS THINKING... gives people hope and tools to re-build these precious relationships.

Mark from Bellevue, Ohio writes
... I can ’t express how much of a blessing your book, “I Was Thinking ”  has been. We brought my Dad “home ” from Florida in May and while he is probably suffering more from his journey to life’s end than the dementia they first diagnosed him with, your book prepared me for the conversations – and lack of conversations I would have the past 5 months. I don ’t know how much longer the Lord is going to allow Dad to spend with us, but knowing more about this journey has been invaluable.  Keep up the great work and thank you for bringing your message to WLMB.
Extremely Grateful,  Mark

C. Johnson, RN, North Carolina writes... Your book was so helpful - in talking with the compromised aged.  I read it and gave to my husband, and his sister who was living with their aging out mom (to be 96 this Aug, with early stages dementia).  Bottom line, your book was able to BEGIN the process of understanding their mother as a person with serious unmet needs.
But the point is, Diana, YOUR book stimulated the whole process, its gave us a "professional" view that allowed true assessment of Mary Elizabeth's needs, which I could see as a psych nurse, but her daughter and my husband (a Harvard psychiatrist) could not "see".  That helpful wall of denial which helps us cope sometimes, also needs a "door" to open to those realities needing to be recognized - and your book was that door!  It allowed all the family to be able to "talk about" realities without feeling we were diminishing her; that her creeping dementia was a problem which was/is discussable and did not mean a person loses their true personhood.  Thanks for authoring this wonderful book!